Navratri 2020 Day 1: Worship Devi Shailputri for success

New Delhi: The nine-day-long auspicious pageant of Navratri begins from   The 9 days devoted to the 9 completely different types of Durga or female energy is without doubt one of the most celebrated festivals in India.

Maa Durga is worshipped in 9 varieties and every day is devoted to one in every of her avatars. 

The primary evening of Navratri is devoted to Shailputri, the daughter of the mountains.

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Shailputri is worshipped as an absolute type of Mom Nature. The goddess is depicted with a crescent on her brow, a trident in her proper and a lotus in her left hand. She is mounted on the again of a bull. 

Chant this mantra to hunt Shailputri’s blessings:

वन्दे वांछित लाभाय चन्द्रार्द्वकृतशेखराम्।

वृषारूढ़ा शूलधरां यशस्विनीम्॥

Vande Vanchhitalabhay Chandrardhakritshekharam

Vrisharudham Shooldharam Shailputreem Yashasvineem

Durga, probably the most highly effective, was created by the holy trinity – Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer) to remove a demon named Mahishasur, who’s treachery ruined peace and sanctity within the three worlds. 

This is wishing every one a really Blissful Navratri.

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